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PS3: 20 GB, 40 GB, or 60 GB?


I’m trying to save money so I’m thinking about gettng the 20 GB system. I think the memory card would be cheaper than getting the extra memory on the PS3 system. Are there any other benefits with the 40 and 60 GB besides the memory.

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  1. they dont have 20gb anymore and they dont even have a 40gb version, there is a 60 and 80gb

    60gb- $499

    80gb- $599

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  3. The 20 gig doesn’t have a silver strip on it and it doesn’t have wifi. In other words if you have a wireless router get the 60gig and if not and you’re going to us a wired connection, get the 20gig

  4. think they were supposed to stop sellin the 20 gb system because the price is dropping on the others. I wouldnt worry about the space though you can always swith out the hd later for 120 gb model.

  5. Good luck trying to find a 40 gb PS3 since it doesn’t exist.

    Good luck trying to get a 20 gb since it’s been discontinued, and I don’t think they’re available in stores anymore. If it is available, it’s going to be tough trying to find one.

    If you want the 60 gb, you better hurry up because it will also be discontinued, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

    The 80 gb is readily available, but it’ll cost you 599.99. The good news is that you’re getting Motor Storm and 20 extra gb for 100 bucks, which is cheaper than what MS charges 360 core owners (100 bucks just for the 20 gb hard drive).

    Let’s assume that you can find a 20 gb PS3. The disadvantage of the 20 gb is that it doesn’t have built in Wi-Fi, so if you like to go wireless, you will have to shell out extra money for a 3rd party wi-fi adapter. The other benefit of the 60 and 80 gb PS3 is that they have the various media slots which can accommodate different types of digital devices. Comes in handy if you have a lot of digital devices that uses different storage formats (SD, memory stick pro, Compact Flash).

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