On your budget, would you rather get the xBox 360 Elite, the...

On your budget, would you rather get the xBox 360 Elite, the xBox 360 Arcade, or the one in between ($300 one)?



  1. the Arcade is absolutely USELESS garbage.

    The Elite, who needs it! You spend all your time looking at the screen, not what color you box and controller’s are.

    The only logical solution is to get the one that is normal, yet WITH a hard drive. You must have a hard drive, save cards suck, they limit you too much to what you can do and play.

    I would suggest getting one new, not one made from the first batch of 360’s since all of these keep getting hot and get the red ring of death.

    I don’t know if this matters; I got mine a year after their release, it has a Hitachi dvd drive. It does not get toooo hot, and after 8 months of solid gaming 8 hours a day, it continues to perform. I should get a liquid cooler to be safe though, they all get hot. For 20 bucks you can get the fan thing to attach to the back, but it doesn’t change much.

  2. neither. my xbox 360 broke on me 3 times within 6 months. I got rid of it and bought a ps3, best choice ive ever made. Save up a little extra money and get a ps3.

  3. the one in between as the elite is just the same but black and like $100 more and the arcade you would have to buy more memory to go on live

  4. Probibly the one inbetween you really dont need a 120gb hard drive to save games and download upgrades. But to be honest they all break and there all junk, i would know thats how i make money is repairing um. Go get ya a psp and hack it so u can play nes – ps1 games on it.

  5. personally, i think the best one is the Pro (the $300 one). it has a good amount of memory (you don’t really need 120 gigs) & it isn’t totally expensive (like the Elite).

    the arcade is useless. you get no hard-drive (just a little 512 MB card) & a few mediocre arcade games. you also don’t get a mic, ethernet cable, or HD cables. if you want to play online, play games like Halo3, or play in HD, you will end up spending more than $300 once you buy the other stuff separately. you need a hard drive to play most games, & ethernet & HD cables aren’t cheap.

    if you are REALLY going to play a 360, just shell out the $300 and buy the Pro. you get an ethernet cable, a 60 GIG hard-drive, HD cables, & a mic. in the end, it will be worth the purchase.

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