my xbox360 keeps freezing during “update in progress”?

whenever I try to update my Xbox after the recent update i always get to the step where it says “update in progress” at the top, and it says “downloading update form xbox live”

it goes through 3 attempts to get the update but then it says i cant download it and to test my xbox live connection. below that it says

status code: 351F – 3524 – A080 – 0F00 – 8007 – 274C

when i test my connection its all fine untill it starts to connect to xbox live, when its like 1/4th the way connected it pops up telling me i need to apply the update, so i try it and the same thing happens


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3 thoughts on “my xbox360 keeps freezing during “update in progress”?”

  1. turn off your Xbox unplug it restart your router with the Ethernet cable unplugged from the Xbox. plug in your Xbox turn it on then reconnect the Ethernet cable. try the update. if it doesnt work then u will need to contact Microsoft. if you are connecting wirelessly for the update perhaps that connection isn’t solid. so try using the Ethernet cable for the update

  2. Try reseting ur router, it may be ur connection is messed up or it culd mean ur hard drive is corrupted and that it prob doesnt have enough space for the update.

  3. Veja a sua conexão com a internet e tente novamente,qualquer duvida leve seu console em uma assistência técnica para resolver o problema.

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