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Murdered: Soul Suspect – Review


Murdered: Soul Suspect has a lot of big ideas. But do they all come together?

Murdered: Soul Suspect - Review


  1. so much salt in this comment section this reviewer gave it a fair review this game is mediocre at it's finest

  2. this is most underrated game of all time,i liked it its one of the better games,it was little boring at beginning but later it became fun

  3. This lady didn't get this game. 6.5 or 7 is a fair score. I enjoyed it. It's more like a Telltale game. Like a movie that you interact with. It starts slow but the story really picks up later.

  4. Bought it for £3.99 on the January PSN sale and for that small of a price it's definitely worth playing through Atleast once!

  5. I disagree with the review – I thought the story and exploration was great – I'm fed up of massive overworlds that you'll never fully see. I literally hated the combat involving the demons! If you like a game with a good story and just enough collectibles that it's possible to 100% complete the game (with achievements) then this is for you; if not, stick to Call of Duty/Halo.

  6. The cutscenes also seemed to drag on and on. For awhile of playing the game seeing the ghost hiding spots freaked me out and I always quickly scanned my area to make sure I was safe, then you realize the demons never show up without explicitly telling you. I think the most that ever showed up were 4? It felt threatening at first but it turned out to be about as difficult as the loading dock in the first bit of metal gear solid. Also that ending didn't make any sense to me? The girl was killed for being a witch so she decided to…kill all other witches in future Salem? Wouldn't it have made way more sense to oh I don't know be against witch hunters? That said the gameplay was really fun at times, and even now the demons fill me with terror when they pop up. So meh

  7. IGN is reviewing games all wrong, majority of the people in the comment section love it and I loved the game and passed it in 1 day it was awesome.

  8. There is some underlining potential in this title. Too bad the developers didn't dig deeper to make this okay game, into a bestseller. Free in the month of November? Sure, I'll give it a shot. What they should do is make a Quantum Leap game

  9. I loved this game's storyline, got you deep with the characters and very understanding storyline. 9.5/10 for storyline. my number one hate however, are the demons, i found myself wanting to quit whenever i heard that annoying noise when demons spawned in. It just felt repetitive and i just wanted to know how the game ended. I loved the unique features such as the possessions and the cat thing. I completed this game in about 5 hours total from one session. i feel like there should be a sequel but the ending was so perfect and plus i heard the developing company of this game got shut down.. its just another one of those endings where its like, i want to know what "insert character" does next. 5/10 gameplay

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