i want more xbox 360 games.

i want more xbox 360 games.


wat is the best game for xbox 360?

i alredy hav

gta 4

rainbow six vegas 2

halo 3

bad company battlefield

but i want anothr gane that is really fun that will last me a long time.i can but any game i want so ratings arent a problem! itd b bettr if it is multiplayr but any game is good thats long nd is still fun aftr its beaten nd it has 2 hav xbox live!

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  1. If you don’t mind paying more for downloadable content get oblivion it’s £12.99 preowned so i guess you could use the leftovers to buy the expansions i’ve completed the main story on it but theres so many sidequests, or you can just p* the towns off by muredering the villagers. Also the replay value is great.But to be honest all teh games mentioned are great it comes down to personal preference.

  2. Dont buy COD 4, it wont last long, i recommend The Orange Box, its the most fun ive had on a game, Team Fortress 2 is possibly the funniest and most entertaining game on the xbox, its not as serious as Battlefield etc though, you also get portal which is fun when you have nothing else to do, its also hilarious the things which happen, and then you get 2 half life games which are great fun and are very very long, it takes ages to complete them. Overall this is a very long lasting game, Team fortress 2 is in my opinion alot better than most games just by its self. Its up to you, if your looking for fun get The Orange Box, if your looking for reward, well youve already got the best war game (battlefiield) so you can buy another copy of that if you want.

  3. 3 Words man, The Orange Box. There is five games in one box including the incredible HALF – LIFE 2, HALF LIFE episode 1 which is really good and HALF LIFE episode 2 which is fantastic. You also get portal which isn’t bad but not really by cup of tea and TEAM FORTRESS which is a brilliant multiplayer which is great fun on xbox live. This game will have you playing for easily six months. If you check out the xbox magazines they are all giving it nines and tens outta ten. I Picked mine up for £25 which is approx. $50 so its a bargain as well. All the best and good luck in your quest for good games.

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