Home Videos How to connect Xbox one to old surround sound

How to connect Xbox one to old surround sound


How to connect Xbox one to old surround sound

Xbox One - Best Sound & Picture in Your Home Theater! (Quick Setup)

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  1. it dont add up….. its fake. ?¿ idk but how would hdmi let you play the tv out put? that dont add up..

  2. my pioneer vsx-406 doesnt have video one or 2 can i use.. dvd/cd/or somthing called phono??

  3. I've done that and it don't work,, I have a old Sony dvd home theater surround system..

  4. so you connected your xbox one to the TV and set box then for audio you did this and it worked

  5. Okay so I've been hearing that uncompressed 5.1 would be okay for my surround sound bar and speakers since that's the format it uses, but what is bitstream out used for mainly?

  6. if you want the best sound you need to use the HDMI cable, it carries 7.1 whereas the optical cable will only support 5.1.

  7. I have  a Epson 5030UB Projector with a HDMI cord running to the Xbox one S TV HDMI  I have a picture.
    Since there is No Sound coming from the projector, I plugged in a Digital Audio cable from my Denon AVR-S710W AV Receiver  to the Xbox One S. No Sound. WHY

  8. good job..I run the advanced speed best monster they got…plus monster thx optical..then my HDMI from ant box into xbone 😉 I love my xbone n I have full custom Sony surround with Sony amp,

  9. I can't find a single video that explains the actual SETTINGS!!! The refresh rate of somebody else's TV is info I don't need. I just need to know how to set the damn the up using the SPDIF out. I'm an idiot so I need things spelled out to me.

  10. Why don't you you run the optical from the TV to the receiver, then run the Xbox to the TV via HDMI? That's what I did, then I setup an optical input on the receiver settings giving me 5.1/7/1 surround sound, but at the same time being able to bypass the receiver and just listen through the TV as well when I want it to be more quiet.

    So for the cable box, I run HDMI to Receiver, then HDMI to TV (up-convert 4k receiver). Then optical from TV to receiver. That way you can get sound from all sources via the optical.

  11. ive been thinking of something like this setup. is this better than using optical audio from tv to receiver? thats my what im using for tv and xbox, just the one optical and two hdmi's

  12. When I plug in the optical cable to the xbox to the soundbar, there is game sound lag. Why is this?

  13. you fucking twat this should've been a fucking 1 minutes video but your pompous ass manage to make it 5:55 bragging about your 50 inch fucking TV.

  14. But isn't optical cable limited to 5.1? I'm running 7.1 with a hdmi selector in between my xbox and tv. It creates lag and my screen goes out for a few secs then comes back. I want a direct feed but don't wanna sacrifice sound quirky with my receiver. Thanks. Looking for tips and suggestions.

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