heat ruin PS3 controller?

I just realized upon looking for my PS3 controller, that a bag of varying controllers for game systems got left in another vehicle I used for moving. So for about the last 3 weeks around, my PS3 Sixaxis, a Black WiiMote, and a bunch of PS3 guitar hero controller pieces (the part the plugs in and wirelessly connects the instruments) were left for the time period in 60-80 F degree weather during the days (cooler on nights) varying back and forth.

No actual systems, just the controllers and pieces i mentioned. I am going to get them tomorrow now that I remember, but will the time and heat ruin the controllers and pieces?

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2 thoughts on “heat ruin PS3 controller?”

  1. They should be ok. The only way to know for certain, though, is to just try them. If they work, great; if not, then you’ll need new ones.

  2. The little inside peices could have contracted, expanded, or cracked from the temperatuee hanges.c

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