Does HD ready TV would really work with PS3 and bring out it’s HD quality?

I have an Dell W2600 HD ready TV, I don’t have any HDMI input on that TV but I have Component, and DVI.

I bought the Sony Component Cable already hoping to play my PS3 on my TV with HD, but when I hooked it up, it showed Blank, I tried Turning off the PS3 and holding the power button and waited for a beep, but still blank.

Now I’m thinking of getting an HDMI to DVI cable (hdmi at the other end then dvi at the other end) hoping this would work, but I learned that DVI doesn’t cary audio, now how in the world am I going to carry audio with it.

I don’t have a surround sound system so buying an Optical Audio Cable will not help at all.

I’ve been researching and asking people for 2 weeks now.

If anyone out there is not so busy, please look into my TV’s Specs: my TV is a Dell W2600 hd ready tv. please look it up and help me figure out what kind of cables or other possible things I can do to play my PS3 on HD on my TV

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3 thoughts on “Does HD ready TV would really work with PS3 and bring out it’s HD quality?”

  1. No way go back to Component signal, it’s Analogue and if you want high quality, you wouldn’t do Digital to Analogue conversion, why not just head for HDMI/DVI for no quality lost?

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    check out this document, in the DVI/VGA compartment, you will find 1 pair of Red/White input, tht’s for you to input Audio, or another singal 3.5mm jack input too, tht’s for Audio too.

    Since your monitor is HDCP enabled, all you need is buy a HDMI to DVI cable or Monster adapter, then for audio, you could simply use the AV-Multi cable supplied by SONY PS3 and using only the Red/White jack for your audio input of your monitor.

    Final step is to setup the PS3 outputing way:

    1. Turn on PS3, go to System Setting

    2. Video Setting: Choose HDMI => Tick 1080p and untick all others(480p could not be untick, don’t worry) to see whether your monitor support 1080p (some AD board inside your monitor can do the conversion even your monitor is only 1366×768) If it appears, congrats!

    3. If no 1080p singal output, tick only 720p and press right to confirm this setting. I personally recommend 720p than 1080i because progressive graphics looks better than interlace, you wouldn’t want to see alias on your big screen right?

    4. Audio Setting=>AV-Multi=>Auto=>ok

    That’s it, good luck!

  2. You need the HDMI! if you want to get the most out of your ps3 onto your TV. I have a 1080 samsung lcd and when i hooked the HDMI, i was impressed.

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