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Deadliest Warrior Legends Finishing Moves HD 720p


deadliest warrior legends gameplay, developer pipeworks, publisher 345 games/ spike games

Deadliest Warrior Legends Finishing Moves HD 720p


  1. This game is so historically accurate!

    In case another history pedant is reading this, that was sarcasm. At least be thankful they didn't put blue shit on William Wallace's face.

  2. Hey Drdrillvga! Glad to see you're still active on YouTube! I was wondering if I could use footage from this video for a video of my own? I would keep the watermark visible and credit you in the description with a link to your channel. Please let me know if that's alright!

  3. I dare any single one of you faggots to face me in this game, I will tear your bum hole. I will do it.

  4. For Hannibal's finishing move, i hoped he would throw his rival towards an elephant to crush him.

  5. I hope for a new Deadliest Warrior's game, but casting all the gunfighters, if you remember:
    (green berets vs spetnaz, rangers vs n.k. special forces, mafia vs yakuza, jesse james vs al capone, etc…)

  6. lol @ the nobodies making an issue of hannibal being black. So what if he was or wasn't? Oh, and this game looks like ass.

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