Classic Game Room HD – COMMAND & CONQUER RED ALERT 3 on...

Classic Game Room HD – COMMAND & CONQUER RED ALERT 3 on PS3


Classic Game Room HD - COMMAND & CONQUER RED ALERT 3 on PS3


  1. gemma Atkinson is my ideal woman. kick boxer , fitness model and a bit of a tom boy but so hot

  2. Galera por favor alguém aí pode me indicar onde compro o Red Alert pro Ps3 por favor mesmo.Qualquer coisa pode me chamar no WhatsApp: 34 9 96514681.Desde já obrigado.

  3. Lord Karnage keeping his eye on these trashy actresses and the "smooth" game play and can't see some of the worst screen tearing ever on the ps3.

  4. why should anyone on this World destroy its own gaming experience by playing a strategy game with pad? It hurts the common sense…

  5. its great on ps3 The controls are very easy to learn the graphics are good just dont buy it on disc because once you mees it uo you wont find another one unlees its digital

  6. Usage police alert. With such an exaggerated and enunciated delivery that Mark has cultivated (and that works), it's not someone "verse" someone else. It's "versus." "Verse" is a line in a poem. "Versus" ("vs.") is when two or more factions challenge each other in some kind of competition. It's particularly silly and incongruous to hear Mark ultra enunciate prepositions and consciously not use contractions, and then hear him not use a word in its entire, correct usage makes the showman delivery seem all the more put on. Love the videos otherwise. Keep rolling.

  7. I played one of the old CC games on pc. I like this game but not sure if it's a good idea buying it on ps3. Is it worth it?

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