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Classic Game Room – ASSASSIN’S CREED IV BLACK FLAG review


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Classic Game Room reviews ASSASSIN’S CREED IV BLACK FLAG from Ubisoft for PlayStation 3 PS3 which is also available for Xbox 360, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One and ColecoVIsion.

Classic Game Room - ASSASSIN'S CREED IV BLACK FLAG review

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Review


  1. So I've been looking for a good pirate game for a while, not a fan of AC but this seems to be the best thing on offer. Probably a stupid question but how much does it play like the other AC games? Only played 1 & 2 and hated both so if it's a similar kind of gameplay I probably won't like this too much

  2. I fucking hate assassins creed 2 fanboys if you don´t like the new assassins just don´t play them

  3. I thought it was pretty bad. If this is what the other AC games are like…I don't want to play them.

  4. edward is likable?? i wouldnt say so
    he is the worst assassins creed character and black flag is the worst assassins creed game
    assassins creed 3 is my fav


  6. Edward really is the polar opposite of his grandson Connor. Where Connor is grim, serious, and angry, Edward is easy going, charismatic, and well humored. Where Connor is driven by a sense of conviction, duty, and responsibility, Edward is motivated by self interest and his lust for wealth and glory. Also, while Connor seems very idealistic and is unquestioningly loyal to the brotherhood's goals, Edward doesn't think very much of them and even uses the Assassin's creed to justify his pirate lifestyle. I think both are interesting in their own right.        

  7. does the ps3 version have frame rate issues like every other assassins creed game ever made?

  8. Ubisoft needs to extract this game from the assassins creed series and make it into a whole new series on it's own, simply called "Black Flag". I mean it's great, it's the first fully elaborated "Pirate Simulator"  that I've seen so far.

  9. Theres actually a movie called Call of Booty : Modern Whorefare, so i don't think AC5 can use the name you suggested due to copyright 😛

    Graphics werent too bad for the PS3 version, they were actually quite good, although i prefer the PC version over all other versions 😛

  10. i could see the battle ship part to be a stand alone game if they would ever make one i hope

  11. Mark wants the world to be a dumb and simple as he is. Go torch some Nazi zombies

  12. Black flag was not a great "Assassin" game but the best pirate game I have ever played! It's my favorite game in the series.

  13. The only thing I hated about Blackflag was the mandatory modern day sections. It didn't let me immerse in the story as much as I wanted.

  14. What impressed me the most was the first missions of the game, and how they introduced you to the world/characters/mechanics, it was just so clean, convincing and smooth, by far the best start to and AC game ever

  15. My friend said this game is too into pirates and not assassin like he also said that Edward is on boats to much is he spitting out shit or is he correct

  16. considering I love the parkour from unity and the characters from syndicate, should I get this or syndicate?

  17. honestly the naval combat was shit everything else was good oh and the sailing becomes too boring too

  18. which one do y'all think is the best assassins creed game if you only had to choose 1
    Black flag
    mine would have to be Ac3

  19. As a kid I couldn't play assassin's creed since I was too young to play it and I waited so long to play it this is my first ac game it's amazing. I know about the past assassin's creed games and they were excellent when I saw the gameplay.

  20. This is definitely my type of assassin's creed game! Caribbean times is definitely my type of play style

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