Best PS4 Controller? Razer vs Scuf vs Nacon!

Best PS4 Controller? Razer vs Scuf vs Nacon!


Best PS4 Controller? Razer vs Scuf vs Nacon!


  1. U are just looking so fresh man as well as I understand u very well even though I´m not english speaking. Btw really nice video it helped me a lot thanks for that ! :)

  2. Don't ever buy a scuf please all three I have brought broke in 4-6 months absolutely shit customer service aswell

  3. The Nacon is made for small people with small hands/fingers
    The old scuff 4ps is garbage
    The Razer is also overpriced garbage.
    The best controller was the Scuf hybrid for 360. For real men with normal hands that is anyway

  4. Are there any cheap controls good for tekken? I just need a great d-pad and x o square and triangle buttons i dont care about the rest. Seems abit bs that i have to spend so much money for controls with all these fancy functions that i wont be using

  5. Great Video! I love the way you present both the pros and cons of all the controllers in an unbiased fashion, and ultimately pick your favourite at the end, unlike most tech comparision videos where they just leave it up to the viewer at the end. It really helped me chose the Razer Raiju for my PS4!

  6. i would think that you would purchase the more expensive scuf ps4 controller (impact) not the regular ps4 one. i have already heard people saying the impact controller is good. i just wanna know what's so good about it since it's similar to the xbox controllers

  7. I had much input lag with Raiju on Cod iw. scuf works for like 2-3 months, Nacon feels like plastic, i prefer the Dual Shock v2.

  8. So, even though nacon revolution uses a PC app for customization, it really doesn't work on PC
    I mean, what I've heard is that u can't plug it in and play your PC games with it
    So, will any driver or software ever come out so that the nacon revolution is playable on PC????
    And I also heard the Razer Raiju is fully compatible on PC
    So is it really?

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