Axiom Verge Walkthrough – PART 1 – First Boss Fight! (PS4, PS...

Axiom Verge Walkthrough – PART 1 – First Boss Fight! (PS4, PS Vita, PC Gameplay) 1080p HD


Axiom Verge Walkthrough - PART 1 - First Boss Fight! (PS4, PS Vita, PC Gameplay) 1080p HD


  1. hey have u beat this yet ? i just got it n im wondering how the second playthrough goes , if i keep all the upgrades and weapons n play the story again or is it like metroid where u can just roam around but starting an other play through losses all ur equipment

  2. Since this is so metroid like i hope alot of the samus arm cannon upgrades are available for his weapon

  3. Why the hell do people only make walkthroughs in Youtube format now? This is just a 100% Let's Play, it's not a walkthrough. These blow when you're stuck on a specific part.

  4. all those things that pop up on the screen a are a little annoying, other than that, great stuff. I love this game.

  5. An awesome game, with an awesome man providing salient and breath-freshening commentary you would do well to not mute. I've already seen his final 3 videos in this series, and this is my favorite SoooMungry one-liner from near game's end (as close as I remember it): "Can't get killed fast enough? Have a Snickers!"

    Now to leave you with my Random Crossover Gag of the Day:

    The upcoming fan-modded re-release of the PlatinumGames hit Bayonetta will be featuring a recasting that the worldwide Brony community never expected but now won't be able to live without! All that can be revealed now is that Pinkie Pie will reprise the role of the highly energetic Dea Jubileus in that epic showdown. Casting for Cereza, Jeanne, Father Balder, etc. Pinkie Pie in her BIGGEST role yet, coming soon to a Bronycon far, far away! (Word-up to RLYoshi.) [The preceding has been graciously brought to you by Applejack Daniel's Famous Old No. 7 recipe whiskey!]

  6. Im just waiting for this game to come out on the psvita, mostly because my computer sucks for gaming and i dont have a ps4, when is the psvita version coming out anyways?

  7. 3:16 Wow, that's very out of character of you. I didn't expect you to say that. I heard you say stuff on BroBrahs, but this is a whole new level of weird. Not hating, just shocked.

  8. FYI the game is NOT available for Vita and PC at the moment, but the PS4 version is crossbuy, so when the Vita version is out you can download it for free.

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