$99 Xbox at Microsoft, Gamestop, Bestbuy a Ripoff?

$99 Xbox at Microsoft, Gamestop, Bestbuy a Ripoff?


 Xbox at Microsoft, Gamestop, Bestbuy a Ripoff?


  1. @THE RED DRAGON I got the contract years ago and it messed my xbox because now it says I cant play game anymore or open up games too

  2. wait a sec , i was thinking to get a xbox360 , and battlefiled 3 , but to play bf3 on xbox online u have to pay a price , right ? what about ps3 if u play battlefiled3 or cod black ops 1 or 2 onlie do u have to pay any price ? can somebody tell me :)

  3. It is a good deal, and this was about a month ago? They still have that offer too 😀 either The kinect bundle or the 200+ gigs

  4. Lol cx they had that offer at Toys R us, but! My mom said her credit card was stolen/ lost, so she got a new one so now that Xbox 2 year contract is over :) so got an xbox $99

  5. So is it pay over $300 automatically; or pay $99 for right now & then pay $15 each month… sadly I'm one of those people that don't make enough money, so I'm getting the deal; the overall price doesn't matter until the 2yrs are up; but that new Xbox console will come out soon, so we don't have a lot of time for the Xbox 360 :)

  6. yeah, i still don't get that. Microsoft has more money than sony, but they still charge people for the multiplayer services. i get that their severs are higher quality and cost a lot more to run, but what about the people who want to give up the quality for the price? i own both an xbox and ps3, and the online gameplay doesn't seem all that different, i know xbox claims to gives you better audio and connectivity. but its to small for anybody to care.

  7. can i get this deal at any gamestop stores or does it have to be a listed on? please get back to me as soon as you can!

  8. They Did Lower The Prices On The 250GB And Special Edition Consoles Recently. Now Instal Of $299 For A 250gb Its $249

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