Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One) | Let’s Play #1 | Oh. My. God....

Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One) | Let’s Play #1 | Oh. My. God. It’s SO CUTE.


Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One) | Let's Play #1 | Oh. My. God. It's SO CUTE.


  1. This game.. This god damn game… I'm just disappointed.. Zoo tycoon 2 is the best out of the three and 1 is right behind it but this? How is this a zoo tycoon game?

  2. Not what I expected I thought it would be more like the original zoo tycoon games

  3. for some reason I want a new impossible creatures game with the graphics and animal designs from this game

  4. This is fucking stupid. I wanted to build a Zoo not be a fucking zoo keeper. This isnt zoo tycoon, this is zookeeper tycoon. So stupid.

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