xbox live wireless connection help?

xbox live wireless connection help?


I got the wireless adapter but the problem is it won’t pick up any connection. We have a big house and the modem router for our wireless internet isn’t near where our xbox is so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as how to get good connection other then moving the xbox or modem obviously.

We got a usb extension of 5m but it still won’t pick up a good signal.

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  1. Buy a 500Mbps powerline ethernet kit. It runs ethernet/data through the electrical wiring in your house.

  2. You didnt mention the router brand but in my Linksys there is a place/tab to enable or disable the broadcast of the wireless signal. If your xbox is far from the router go in to router config and make sure that it is on and then reset the MODEM and then the Router and after a couple of minutes of router activity the XBOX.

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