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xbox live game mw3 admin question?


i joined a random free for all match and it had 18 people and was obviously a hacked/glitched lobby for the spawns so after a while someone called im gurbi came in saying he was a admin and my friend said hes seen this guy before shutting down lobbys so after 3 mins of this guy being in here the server lags and it shuts down so i message him saying that was rude of you to do that and he sais he is going to bann me for breaking the rules for w/e anyways he sais he will revoke his report if i send him a message saying i am deaply sorry for saying this. can anyone tell me if this is real or fake because im not swallowing my pride for a troll. also anyone know a number i can call to contact microsoft about this or the makers of mw3/cod?

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  1. It’s fake. The Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team isn’t going to say anything to you or make you write an apology letter. If they catch you, they ban you. No exceptions, no excuses. You’ll get an email, and that’s it.

  2. It is very fake, Do not listen to him.

    I have been in hacked lobbys, they are becoming way more common lately. I was in Face off 2v2, and there was at least 18 people in there. We were playing at Erosion, imagine the chaos there!

    Dont worry bud, noone is going to ban you. People are ruining that game, worse than the campers already have been ruining it.

  3. Probably just google xbox and you might find a number or contact info for xbox live, you might need the exact gamer tag (letters, numbers in the name etc.) to get at least some complaint follow through.

    You could’ve been playing a private lobby match that wasn’t an online ranked match.

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