Xbox 360 wont read my games?

Xbox 360 wont read my games?


My xbox 360 says to open the tray, even when there is a game inside. It doesn’t seem to read any games that i put in it. Ive tried shutting it off multiple times but its not working. Any ides on how can i fix it?

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  1. Maybe the laser is broken. If you still have the Warranty you have to contact the support center. If not you will have to find a way of repairing/replacing the laser tray. There are stores that repair game consoles around so try to look for that on newspapers and ads. Good luck

  2. It sounds like you are having an issue with the laser in your 360. However, to fix the problem you don’t have to replace the whole drive or even the tray.

    It is true that sometimes dust and grime builds up on the laser, but normally if you begin having this issue then chances are it is going to need a laser replacement.

    If your console isn’t under warranty (probably isn’t) then you should take a look at other professional repairs places. You could try your luck with some joe schmo down the street, but you will be out a lot of money if the job isn’t done correctly.

    I would suggest Wired Extreme for repairs because they are pocket friendly even for customers that must ship their consoles in, and offer a great warranty. (90 days covers the entire console, not just the issue they fix)

    You can check out their reviews online through Yelp, and their accreditation with the Better Business Bureau as well. Simply google ‘wired extreme’ and you will be able to navigate straight to their web page.

    Their contact information is under the contact us tab.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Mine does that every once in a while – did it last night after my wife got done playing Fable III and I put in MOH.

    I just take the game out, wipe it down and then blow into the disc tray – sometimes dust builds up on the laser.

    Seems to fix it every time. So far, anyway.

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