Xbox 360 slim hard drive problems.?

Xbox 360 slim hard drive problems.?


I recently bought an Xbox 360 slim, their was a 4GB or a 250GB option, i chose the more expensive 250 GB option.

I have set it all up but i am new to Xbox, when i tried creating a profile to sign in it said i needed a USB Storage device, i had a random USB storage thing so i tried that and it worked.

But now i am confused, i have Forza motorsport 4, and when i tried installing disc 2 with the extra cars etc, it tried installing it to my USB device, using that as the save place.

I dont understand how this works.? Do i constantly need a USB device to save things to and to be able to sign in with?

And if yes, then what happens when the device is full, do you have to go out and buy another one? Im very confused over this.

I don’t know much about this kind of stuff but im feeling really dissapointed i bought the Xbox now because i feel i cant enjoy my games if im having to save to a limited USB storage device and i always need it to sign in.

Somebody told me you need a USB device to create your sign in thing with, but that all my games should save to my 250gb hard drive? If that is the case, is there a way of fixing this so it will save to that.?

Thanks for any replies, i really need some help on this one. :-)

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  1. whenever I put in my 360GB hard drive my xbox will restart then when you sign in it will freeze and restart all over again and just keeps going when I take the hard drive out the xbox works fine

  2. You do not need a USB device unless your 360 has no storage device at all. Either the hard drive is missing or the 360 isn’t detecting it. Turn off your 360 and flip it upside down while it’s standing vertically. There’s a little door that you can lift up. Do so and look inside. Make sure you see a rectangular object. That’s your hard drive. If the hard drive bay is empty, take the 360 back to wherever you go it immediately and ask for another. If it’s in there, make sure it’s push all the way in and start your 360 up again. Go to My Xbox on the dashboard and over to system settings-memory. You should see it listed there.

  3. You don’t need a USB device.

    If you bought the 250GB version (it’s the glossy one), there should be a hard drive already inside your Xbox. This shows you where it is if you don’t already know:

    [url is not allowed].

    So check to see if it’s in there, and make sure it’s pushed all the way in and clicks into place. When you pull up a game and it asks where you want to save, select the HDD option. That’s your hard drive. You can save your profiles, games, DLC, etc., on your hard drive.

    If your system isn’t detecting your hard drive, turn off and unplug your Xbox, pull out the hard drive and see if it makes a rattling noise–but don’t shake it, as it’s very fragile. If it rattles, it’s possible that the disk inside fell out of place while the Xbox was being shipped or moved around. If your hard drive is faulty, you can take it back to the store and explain that to them, and will most likely get a replacement.

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