Xbox 360 slim Disc tray help!?

Xbox 360 slim Disc tray help!?


Hey so this is weird. i wanted to play my xbox 360 today but all of a sudden the disc tray is *!

its totally stuck. and the eject button doesn’t make it move at all. i use the button on the dashboard and that doesn’t work either. i manually opened it with the paperclip thing on the side. i got it open. pull out my game and tried pressing the eject button to close it. that didn’t even move it. i tried putting it back in and pressing the eject button. that doesn’t do anything either. also i have the new new slim. anyways another thing that is happening is that the power button is flashing a green light like its opening the disc tray the whole time. even when i manually pull it out and stuff. also another weird thing is that when i try to click on my storage on my xbox 360 slim. it just says its loading something but never does. can ANYONE HELP ME!

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  1. How long has it been since you got your slim? It may still be under warranty. Call Microsoft and tell them the problem. Then they’ll ask for the xboxes serial number and register it. Downfall, they will then send you a box and tell you a code to write on it, and tell you to send your xbox for repair for free, if it’s still under warranty. You’ll have to wait a week or two, maybe three

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