1. Xbox is way better for entertainment features, but you pay more to get it. PS3 has a larger first-time price but once you clear that its all gaming. The xbox also gets more games, free netflix and ESPN, and loads of arcade games and movies and all kinds of stuff! Plus you got the new technology. The PS3’s Move controllers, similar to the Wii remote, and the Xbox’s Kinect, movement detection gaming technology. The PS3 has a Blu-ray player, but you can buy HD quality movies and TV shows on xbox. I personally like the Xbox controllers, too. They are easier to use in my opinion. So definitely go with Xbox.

  2. PS3.

    built in wifi, bluray player, controller is better and has better battery, free online, less little kids online, awesome graphics, any bluetooth mic is compatible instead of buying a microsoft mic, PSN easy to set up, just pure awesome.

    xbox is still good, but is much more expensive considering you have to buy the system, harddrive, wifi thing, and online every year (for just one account), + other costs

  3. Personally, I feel that you should get the Xbox 360. Although the PS3 looks nice, it dominates mostly in hard drive capacity (memory). As for the Xbox 360, most of the games that come out on it have awesome graphics and game-play.

  4. i would say ps3 to make an xbox do the same amount of things a ps3 already does out of the box it would end up costing more than a ps3

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