Xbox 360 controller start button and guide button dont work?

Xbox 360 controller start button and guide button dont work?


So i just like few days ago it started happening that i tried to turn on my xbox from the controller that i press the guide button and the xbox will turn on but the controller didnt start so i took off the battery pack and i thought the batteries were at the wrong side so it wasnt and i put it back on and the xbox controller turned on by itself without me even touching it and now the start button wont work because the menu(in game) wont open. So if there is any advices please ( im also 13 so i cant buy stuff from ebay or get another controller because my mom doesnt have money right now)

PS. the batteries are full so it cant be with the batteries( if i have to open the controller then i tried but it didnt come off because pne screw was stuck in the controller so no taking off) thanx

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  1. 1. Grab any toothpick/sharp object.

    2. Kill yourself. Just kidding, lick the area around the outline of the guide button. (Optional)

    3. Stick the toothpick/object inside the peremiter, and clean/spin it around for about 10-15 minutes.

    BOOM. It should be cleared! If it is not, report it to Microsoft.

    Hope this helps!

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