Worms WMD Review

Worms WMD Review


Worms WMD reviewed by Dave Rudden on PlayStation 4. Also available on PC and Xbox One.

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Worms WMD Review

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  1. "Drags off during stalemates" Thats an aspect of the game. When both players have low HP and little weapons ofc they're gonna darkside. It's been a part of the game from the very beginning. If anything, this game lacks defensive, camping weaponary and tight packed maps.

  2. can anyone tell me is this game good to get to play by yourself or is it only good if you play with friends ??

  3. What exactly is considered a 10/10 anymore? Journey got a 10, sure… but why? Do you rate a game by its emotional impact or by how much you'd play it? It's really opinionated, so that's why I always believe these review scores are pointless.

  4. So I guess they decided to quit different classes for worms and water. I didn't think those were good ideas anyway.

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