WiiU Outsells Xbox One. Dead Console You Say?

WiiU Outsells Xbox One. Dead Console You Say?


WiiU Outsells Xbox One. Dead Console You Say?


  1. Correct me if im wrong but dont gay people say "hava seat" and also mario 3d sold a million copies then why did the mario on the first wii sell almost 30 million you just proved wii u sucks

  2. Unless you been living on a different you probably know that Nintendo cut its sales forecast by 70%. This is horrible news. The CEO of Nintendo addmited that they have not made a solid case for tg wii u game pad. I don't care what they do now it's too late for the wii u. Very few people will invest in a system that's on shaky ground. Nintendo cutting sales forcast is a sign of that. Nintendo should invest in a real online network build a new machine and compete.

  3. Wii u is dead. Just like your brain.

    I just listed my original wii on eBay. Cause Nintendo lost Me. I'll miss Mario and Zelda, but that's about it.

  4. Doc why don't you compare the sales to the ps4. You don't because you kno the ps4 has outsold the wiiu.

  5. Doc why don't you compare the sales to the ps4. You don't because you kno the ps4 has outsold the wiiu.

  6. It is ridicuous that that even though the PS4 and XBone also ''failed to live up to expectations''… reviewers still claim the WiiU is in trouble and gamers still trash it based on comments from developers that have no interest in publishing on the WiiU. Why the hell would their opinions be taken seriously… they completely biased have every reason to not want the console selling since their games are going to be exclusive to Microsony. There has been a massive campaign by rival developers and the gaming media to trash the WiiU… and still the console pushes forward. Also the fact that the WiiU got trashed for shitty 3rd party ports… which is entirely the developers fault. It does not matter how many sales it has had… as far as being a good console. It doesnt matter WHEN it launched, it doesnt matter that the advertising campaign was weak and the ads are corny.  Currently, the WiiU has more games, better games, free online play and backwards compatibility going for it… yet few gaming ''journalists''  admit it is a legitimately good console and is in a better position than PS4 and XBone… I guess they trashed the WiiU so much during 2013 they feel like idiots now.

  7. Aaaaaand bit in the ass. See, Doc? This is what acting like Zaire gets you. You can't beat Zaire at his own game, lord knows why you were trying to in the first place, but I won't judge.

  8. Vgchartz just updated the list and it turns out the Wii U didn't even come close to outselling the Xbox One LMAO HAVE THAT SEAT DocDamageControl81!

  9. Dude I dont even like the Xbox one but this video is a joke, the xbox one is hafl way to WiiU lifetime sales and its only been out for less than two months compared to the WiiU which has been out for a year.

  10. When a system if first released the system sales out most of the time heck even the dreamcast sold like crazy and broke records back in 1999.  It is because the Hard core fan boys and tech nerds buy up the first batch of system.  Now for the most part that is done with the xbox1 and ps4. Now the thing that concerns me about the xb1 is that it has NOT sold out like the PS4 i can walk into any store in my area and see boxes of xbox1s sitting behind the glass case, and no PS4 to be found.  Also Guess what else is sold out in my area WII Us.  I would not be surprised if the wii u takes the #2 spot this generation and xbox1 takes the #3 spot.  I think the ps4 is priced at the right price point that people will upgrade, but the xbox1 is a little too costly for most and the wii u is also at a good price point for playing hd mario and zelda. 

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