Home Xbox Forum Why does my xbox 360 slim have no hard drive?

Why does my xbox 360 slim have no hard drive?


Ok so i just bought an xbox 360 slim and when i checked for the hard drive it wasnt there and even when i turn my xbox off and turn it on again everything is saved.Is it all saved in the memory or the hard drive is located somewhere else.(hard drive location right side of xbox)

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  1. If you have the 4GB model, it doesn’t have an actual hard drive. It has flash memory which is inside the console on the motherboard. It can use a hard drive if you add it.

  2. The hard drive is INSIDE a little compartment on the bottom of your Xbox 360. It can be removed by opeing the little compartment and sliding out the drive from the system itself. Oringinally I had said it was inside the 360, so I was partially right in my first answer (in your face to those who thumbed me down! :p) go to [url is not allowed]. to check out my new findings and to get more detail.

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