Which Play station portable bundle should I buy?

Which Play station portable bundle should I buy?


Should I get The Sony PlayStation Portable Star Wars Entertainment Pack or the Sony PSP Daxter Bundle? They both come with The Sony PSP, AC power cord, AC adaptor and battery, 1GB Memory Stick Pro, Daxter the game, and Family Guy UMD. The psp that comes with the starwars is white and it has a picture of darth Vader on the back. The daxter is just plain silver. I was thinking of getting the daxter one but I’m not sure.

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  1. Get the daxter, you might think I hate that gmae but the silver is slimmer, runs much faster and more fps

    so better


    If you have the 200 get it

  2. daxter because the star wars one does not have a memory stick and the daxter one comes with a family guy movie (and is less money)

  3. I don’t think the Star Wars pak comes with a MemoryStick, but if you’re already gonna buy one it depends on which one you think looks nicer. The better value is the Daxter pak cuz it has the 1GB MemoryStick.

  4. if i were you i would get the daxter pack (if u can find it) it is most worth ur money because of al the things it comes with and because of the limited edition color psp.

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