What PS4 launch games are you all getting?

What PS4 launch games are you all getting?


I have pre-ordered:

PlayStation 4


Battlefield 4

Call of Duty: Ghosts (I may cancel this nearer the time because I heard Battlefield 4 is much better, but if I do cancel it, I can always get it at another time)

Watch Dogs

Need For Speed: Rivals
I will also be downloading DriveClub for free with PlayStation Plus.
Update 2:
Yes I will also be getting inFAMOUS: Second Son for the PS4 when it launches in February 2014 because I have always loved inFAMOUS and it is a PS4 exclusive as well.

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  1. Bf4, cod ghosts , watchdogs not getting fifa 14 because tired of there servers always disconnecting

  2. I’m getting everything you’re getting except FIFA 14 and I’m getting both Batttlefield 4 and COD: Ghosts

    These are my favorites

    4. COD: Ghosts

    3. Battlefield 4

    2. Watch_Dogs

    1. NFS Rivals

  3. yeah im just getting watchdogs but i may get killzone or infamous but im still getting ps3 games gta 5 and beyond two souls

  4. I’ll be getting a ps3 when ps4 come out because price will be reduced. probably gonna get fifa and halo with it also.

    I still remember I was so happy when ps3 came out bcos i got my 1st ps2. Those were the days

  5. Fifa 14, call of duty ghosts, gta 5 and although its not a launch game i really hoping for a last of us 2 😀

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