What is wrong with my Xbox 360?

What is wrong with my Xbox 360?


Basically after around 45 minutes of use my xbox displays flashy rainbow lines with shadows on any game on any screen. I can still just about see the game but it is impossible to play. I have tried new scart leads to the TV.

I think the problem might have something to do with overheating, as if you turn the system off it then does not show the affliction however after 10 minutes it comes straight back.

I am wondering whether anyone else has had this problem and whether there is a simple or complex solution.

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  1. My best guess from fixing computers and just in general from troubleshooting with my own Playstation and the playstations of others, I’d say that its a hardware issue that is most likely related to overheating as you’ve suspected yourself. Unfortunantely, as I understand it, opening the xbox 360 can void the warranty so I suggest that you either buy a new xbox 360 for yourself or find the receipt to see if the warranty is still available and just get it fixed through official channels.

  2. It is most likely the TV and not the console, try to see if it works when using it on another TV

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