What do i get for my Xbox 360?

What do i get for my Xbox 360?


okay im about to buy an xbox 360,

and i want xbox live too

what is the stuff im gonna need for xbox live and my xbox?

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  1. Well, you’re going to get all the cables needed, a controller, and possibly some games when you buy the 360. You’re probably gonna want more games, so of course just buy whatever ones you want. And if you have friends/family that you think will be playing with you, you should grab an extra controller (or two or three). And since you’re wanting Live, you could get the Wireless adapter, which is pricey, so if you can just wire it with an ethernet cable to your router, you can save at least $75, maybe more depending on if you already have a cable, or the length that you get.

  2. 1) Games

    2) More Games

    For xbox live, you will need a way to connect to the internet. This can be through an ethernet cable (a short one is included with the xbox) or a wireless adapter ($100).

    There are two levels of xbox live. Silver is free and allows you to download game demos and other stuff from xbox live, but not play online. To play online you need a gold subscription. You get 30 days of gold free. After that you will need to buy a subscription ($50/yr).

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