WALL-E – Part 2

WALL-E – Part 2 [Playstation 3 Gameplay, Non-Commentary]


WALL-E - Part 2 [Playstation 3 Gameplay, Non-Commentary]

Wall-E Walkthrough Part for PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 Wall-E Game walkthrough from Disney movie

Wall-E Walkthrough Part 4 (PS3, X360, Wii) Level 4 ~ Life on the Axiom


  1. Captain McCrea is savage in this. And I swear, that music aboard the Axiom was driving me insane, listening to so many loops of that damn jingle.

  2. You prefer this game on ps3 or ps2 ? I prefer PS3 for this game, and PS2 for Ratatouille. This PS3 version have this very good level, and some others interesting mission, on the ps2, it's not very good.

  3. I understood why when I go on your channel, my internet lag. You have a lot of videos uploaded x)

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