Unravel Review

Unravel Review


Unravel Review

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  1. As critical as this guy is about the game, I can tell you one thing.
    The game is massively more entertaining than his monotonous, boring voice.

  2. Fuck, I know I won't be able to play through this game without crying. Give my Mortal Kombat or GTA instead, there I don't feel any pity.

  3. I honestly want to play this game. It looks so beautiful, yet so simply at the same time. The guy who reviewed it did a really good job on it as well. He was really descriptive, and you don't normally see that for these kinds of reviews.

  4. Really dislike the reviewer on this sorry, he sounds bored, fed up, like he's having a moan, and talking soooooo slooooowly I was finishing his next sentence in my head before he even started his.

  5. Nice review. Pretty much don't play platformers, but you got me wanting to play this. Cheers

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