Unravel – Before You Buy

Unravel – Before You Buy


Unravel - Before You Buy

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  1. There's a decent amount of game here, there's like 7 or 8ish hours, especially if you suck at puzzles ha ha ace line, priceless

  2. I paid $5 for this .during the spring sale but haven't played it yet cause I also got Ori and the Blind Forest definitive for $10 too

  3. I recommend this game! If I could, I'd rate it a 5/5. Everything is perfect with this game.

  4. Yep! Just like Limbo but with a lot more time into a story/graphics. Ive gotta say… I definitely disagree with you on the storyline comment made…. the story was beautiful and at the end (not going to do a spoiler to the ending) the game really captured the feeling of the hardships of growing older and feeling alone/helpless and in pain perfectly. Even though the story was told by what you experienced in the game and with the photos- it really captured the story of life and it's ups and downs. This game is great for new or experienced gamers. if you have the patience for the strategy and the puzzels, you will easily find a reason to love this game. if you like beautiful graphics and a story that anyone can understand and relate to, you will want to experience what these developer's created. I do agree sometimes some of the levels took FOR EVERYONE to crack….. but still… I have no regrets with this purchase. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  5. I think this game is way better than little big planet it's more grown up if you don't like puzzle games don't buy it end of story.I bought it cause I buy for good graphics and it's worth $4 that's what I bought it for on the ps4.

  6. I like the game. I find it a great teaching tool to teach my kids logic, problem-solving, and physics. The story is sweet and touching. I enjoyed playing it with my child. The graphics are beautiful and the music soothing. But you are right about one thing, Some of the puzzles are a bit frustrating.

  7. just got this for $5 on the PS store sale. it seems like a good game to play in between all the shooters/rgs/surival horror/etc. out there. Not enough original platformers.

  8. lol I bought it when it was on a huge discount and it costs 22 ron. how many dollars is that

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