Ultimate PS4/Xbox One Headset? G4me Zero Review

Ultimate PS4/Xbox One Headset? G4me Zero Review


Ultimate PS4/Xbox One Headset? G4me Zero Review


  1. bought the game ones, will be mainly using it for ps4 gaming, will i need an amp or will they work fine on their own?

  2. just bought this and been using it for 2 days now. its amazing. best headset ive ever had. some of the best sound ive heard, very clear and footsteps are easy to pick up. the mic seems to be quiet (on mine) but very clear. Dont expect big bass. its more crisp and tight rather than booming . This is also very comfy and the memory foam conforms to the shape of your head

  3. UrAvgConsumer, where would I find the cables I need so that the headset is compatible with my PS4? I couldn't find a link to the cable in the description, so I'd appreciate the help. Also would you rather recommend just the $15 cable or an actual mix amp?

  4. I really don't know what to go for
    Either Astro A40 TR
    Or sennheiser game zero
    Any advices?

  5. That was a pretty informative video, thank you. One questions though, what if i want to listen to the game's audio in case if i am playing a single player campaign (no MP or co-op for comms) how will the connection work for PS4 & Xbox One?

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