The Best 4K HDR Gaming TVs: WARNING: Do Not Buy a 4K...

The Best 4K HDR Gaming TVs: WARNING: Do Not Buy a 4K TV for Xbox One S / PS4 Pro Till You Watch This


The Best 4K HDR Gaming TVs: WARNING: Do Not Buy a 4K TV for Xbox One S / PS4 Pro Till You Watch This


  1. For 4K it starts to really matter 65"+…… LG 65UH7700 works awesome for me. I bought it April 2016; same month this tv was manufactured. Flawless performance for TV/4K Movies/Xbox One – Xbox One S. Heavy use for gaming and movies. In April 2016 MSRP was $2700….. was able to Best Buy price match for $1700 at the time. Great deal for me all around on top of being my first TV in about 16+ years.

  2. Just came to say that the lg e6 series is the absolutly best hdr gaming tv. It's brother with the b6 and the difference is 50% lower input lag, better sound quality and 3D. more expensive though

  3. I've a 40 inch UHD from 2014 from LG at 400$, and it's perfect for gaming, how i know that ? cause i've recently bought an Asus ROG pq27a, UHD + Gsync monitor at 900$, great screen, the most perfect screen for gaming, no need HDR; cause it will be used into less than 1% of the game 😛

    Well all that to say that my old lg screen had a great quality to play despite of her price !!!

  4. What would you pick between the Sony X800D and the Samsung KU7000 ? The Samsung is also around 20% cheaper where I live. I'll use it as a PC monitor and for HDR gaming via PS4 Pro

  5. lol the samsung k8000s is a fairly cheap tv. at 55" its now 999 at bestbuy, so many paid premium new. another reason to stay 1 year behind in tech. bump up a meaningless 5" its 1500! and bump up to 65" its still 1500! silly consumers.

  6. dont go oled its overpriced and no better than new led my buddy wasted $ on one and its no better than my led. For console gaming especially for the new Scorpio all you need is LED, HDR, a tv where u can turn off motion 120 and 240 as it hurts 4k gaming buy fighting with other hardware and upscales 4k instead of getting native 4k. HDMIs of course! 49" sony is great for 799 currently at bestbuy its what i have in my bedroom and works with pc so consoles will work great.
    DONT BE STUPID! more expensive doesnt mean better tv. forget oled its nothing special.
    and with consoles it doesnt matter what refresh rates it has as you will only be doing 60fps average so a 60hz is fine, dont be fooled by 120 and 240 motion its meaningless for gaming. if you plan to game pc forget about it, you will need over 1200 in gpu just to get 60fps on big screen.

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