Super Cheap PS4 Games Episode 1

Super Cheap PS4 Games Episode 1


Super Cheap PS4 Games Episode 1


  1. Update 2/3/17 The PS4 will finally get external hard drive support! Here are some great external hard drives to consider :

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    5TB External Hard Drive Seagate (only $123)

    6TB External WD External Hard Drive

    8TB External Hard Drive

    After being sold out for nearly 2 months Amazon just restocked the PS4 Pro. Link to buy the PS4 Pro:

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  2. metal jesus sent me great channel i hope you can take feesback. reggie just diced me for giving some

  3. Came over from Metal Jesus Rocks channel, loved the vid. Subed! Gonna check out all the super cheap ps4 vids and maybe grab some that i might have missed. Thanks for the great vids!

  4. killzone 3 is my #1 FPS game …. love that one, over 200 hours in multiplayer back in the day. Shadowfall was just okay.

  5. Anyone has any good games to Gameshare?
    I don't have even 1 single digital games or good games.
    If anyone want to help me out please add in psn me: Phoenix_rips
    Please No Scammer :(

  6. I've had an Xbox one for over a year now, and I just bought a PS4 about a week ago, and I have to say I was missing out A LOT!!!

  7. inFAMOUS second son is the best game on tye list. so cool. i have completed it twice

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