Steep – Before You Buy

Steep – Before You Buy


Steep (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is Ubisoft’s semi-open-world winter action sports game. Does the snowboarding and skiing live up to the competition? Let’s talk about it.
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Steep - Before You Buy


  1. I've picked this up for £15 in the second-hand game shop. Seems fair enough. I would not have been happy had I payed £50 when it was new.

  2. I mean, I played the beta and loved it, and was really sad when it ran out. Personally I love winter environments, I'll probably be picking up with a season pass. But idk

  3. You'd really need to enjoy the sport to enjoy the game, I saw a review where their only reason for not recommending it was because it was "to much like real snowboarding" which they apparently aren't a big fan of

  4. in my personal experience, this game is more to play something when you are tired from your main game or you just do not have enough time to get your gaming fix, this helps to do something quickly without any regret that there was not enough time.

  5. Wingsuit and this game wing suiting have to say It's not at all what you actually do as a wing suit flyer but ay It's still fun!

  6. Can u maybe not go by ur opinion and by reviews :/ (btw i know this sounded mean but im tring to say this in the nicest way right now)

  7. Im playing this while waiting for a new skate game, and i am enjoying steep, the price is worth it.

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