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SSX Review - IGN Reviews


  1. "THEY NEED TO MAKE ALL SSX TRICKY GAMES FOR PS4" ASAP! Now the new controlling is actually what makes allot of people not like the game, I remember when I played it right out of playing SSX3 which I freaking "LOVED" the controlling was ridiculously difficult, it actually took the fun away from the game.

  2. Fun game if you like controls that only work %50 of the time. The other %50 you get to push buttons that don't do anything or do the opposite of what they're supposed to do leading you to make a tiny wrong movement allowing the AI to get an unrealistic lead on you.

  3. Yo Please tell me i'm not the only one who wants a new SSX for PS4XboxOne! but if it needs internet connection only to be able to play the game.. i'm gonna be sad. WE NEED SSX!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Does this have skis in it? I remember the old 'SSX On Tour' did, so I am just wondering.

  5. My main problem with the game is that, the courses are so vast that it doesn't give u that competitive feel with the other CPU's. I prefer more linear tracks where it has its moments with the huge jumps and stuff. It was always exhlirating to be riding down while the other racers are next to you or bumping into you. This courses are huge and cool as hell but forgettable. SSX 3 will always be the best entry. It felt alot more intense .

  6. this game is for sale right now for less than 2 dollars on the xbox marketplace.. also backwards compatible.. seems like a good deal to me

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