Scalebound – Xbox One Gameplay – Gamescom 2015 – 1080p

Scalebound – Xbox One Gameplay – Gamescom 2015 – 1080p


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Scalebound - Xbox One Gameplay - Gamescom 2015 - 1080p


  1. Was looking forward to this game and was one of the sole reasons I bought the Xbox one for.

  2. Free Roam Devil May Cry type fighting and a kind of devil trigger with Dragons. I'm game.

  3. this game looks like everything ive ever wanted in an RPG, A PET FUCKING DRAGON AND DOPE ASS GAMEPLAY

  4. man if what im saw on the ending is true this game might have multiplayer and you can even choose the type of dragon you want THAT…IS…AWESOME…and he has headphone on a medieval age,fantastic

  5. I really hope that they will optimize it well enough that the xbox one can hold a relatively steady 30fps because on this gameplaytrailer it looks like a steady 20-25 fps. They got enough time to fix that problem, that's why the game takes so long to come out. If they can't optimize it well enough after all this time then well….. it would be a huge dissapointment. Does anyone agree with me?

  6. I've high hopes for this but I'm worried for 3 things

    A: Frame rate drops
    B: Short story
    C: Gameplay feeling repetitive after 3 hours

    Plus minor compliant, The main character wields his sword in his left hand but uses his bow in a right handed position. WTF?!?!

  7. Xbox One Exclusive? I Ain't got money for all these consoles D: A PC release would be dope af…

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