reset xbox live achievements?

reset xbox live achievements?


My friend is an idiot and got his gamer score hacked by someone that he did not know, needless to say they did not take there time and he got found out. if i were to take his account onto my hdd and re lock all his achievements and then unlock them again after sighing in to update the profile status of corse could i recover all this lost achievements. please no flamers that say “cheater” or “modding is for noobs” it is already done so we have to deal with it now.


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  2. If an account has been reset to 0 for cheating, and then that same account is modded again so the score goes back up, you’re looking at a possible permaban for repeated profile tampering. I wouldn’t risk it, but it’s up to you.

  3. No there is no way to do that. Attempting to do so will result in a permanent ban. Your friend tried to cheat and got caught. He should take the punishment and learn from it. Attempting to screw over the system again will invite a much bigger punishment which is almost always a lifetime ban on that account. Like you said, it’s already done so deal with it instead of trying to get around it again.

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