Prey (2017) Review | Less A Shooter, And More An RPG For...

Prey (2017) Review | Less A Shooter, And More An RPG For The Modern Age (PC 1440p)


Prey (2017) Review | Less A Shooter, And More An RPG For The Modern Age (PC 1440p)


  1. I have watched a few reviews on here but this is the one I decided to subscribe on.

    I've wanted this game since I saw game play of it. But I need to wait a few weeks.

  2. So why isn't the original backwards compatibility yet? What are Microsoft and Bethesda waiting for?

  3. What a Legend you are. Your reviews are like 30 mins well crafted documentary of those games. You are on your way of becoming a YouTube Legend. It may doesn't look like that but it's coming and I can see it.
    You work shows how passion can bring best out of someone. Very happy to see you focus on quality. Fantastic job mate.

  4. So since it has little to do with the first Prey, why use the Prey name at all for this game?

  5. Brilliantly written and well edited review yet again. Your division content was invaluable to me before i put the title down. Cant wait for your insights into Destiny 2. Keep up the excellent work!

  6. I was genuinely sad when i finished the video, i just wanted to hear you talk about the game for another few hours. Can't wait for the next review!

  7. i thought prey 2 looked cool 5 years ago, but looking at it now…its a bit like Stranger's Wrath (Oddworld) – collecting bounties. I could imagine that without the right structure, that whole concept could get pretty dull. We need to let go of it. Arkane are an amazing studio that should be really supported by the gaming community and not dissed due to a simple naming convention.

  8. Can I just say your reviews in the last couple month have all been absolutely outstanding. keep it up.

  9. Damn trash cans coming to life. Now I'm just shot gunning them as soon as I see trash cans, wet floor signs well everything

  10. I really love how the game isn't just confident to bring back mechanics from System Shock, even if they engender frustration, but also goes the extra mile to regularly call BioShock out for all of its bullshit. The amount of references and meta jokes is ridiculous.

  11. Is there some kind of documentary about what exactly happened to 3D Realms? No really, what happened to them around the last few years?

  12. As far as YouTube game reviews go, the holy trinity is: ACG, Super Bunnyhop and Skill Up.

  13. I didn't think i would EVER get myself through a 30min video on youtube. But you are doing these soooooo well..i just love to hear you explain in your words every little detail and..yeah just..amazing 😀

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