PlayStation 4’s Architect Mark Cerny – Interview (Part 1)

PlayStation 4’s Architect Mark Cerny – Interview (Part 1)


PlayStation 4's Architect Mark Cerny - Interview (Part 1)


  1. +goldeneye0010 GaiKai may not be a big arse company, as Microsoft. But they have serval of worlds most skilled network engineers and programmers employed, a league that Microsoft can't never be placed into and fight against.

  2. FPS's doesn't get any better then a controller performs in precision and latency. But isn't precision and latency in a controller the two main pillars of importance that we all want from a controller to perform greatly in and that in all types of games, not only FPS's. When they was asking FPS developers for help to improve the Dual Shock 4, they didn't ask for help because they didn't know what had to be improved, but they asked help in calibration to get best balance between both precision and latency to the controller.

  3. Gaikai isnt a big company. They probably can only offer 60% of what microsoft's cloud can offer. But I don't really care. Remote play got me so ps4 all the fucking way!

  4. I think it was called the Onlive but that was totally dedicated to cloud gaming not like the PS4 or Xbox one also even though their rich dosent mean their are going to go through with it Gaikai is the biggest cloud severice there is and their not as rich as microsoft even bigger than Onlive but onlive came out on top and the people who made Onlive dont have Microsoft money but still microsoft wouldnt deidicate that much

  5. Well, there was a cloud gaming console last year and I've forgotten what's it called but it can run games in ps3 quality using cloud. So yeah it is possible to improve shit using cloud servers. I dont even know where you got the "Their cloud does not have the power to improve games graphics and performance." I wouldn't say its bullshit because microsoft is a fucking rich company and probably able to make a million cloud servers. But anyway, I'm still getting a ps4 hahaha!!

  6. Cloud will NEVER work well with a game's graphics, at least. Unless maybe every X1 owner in the world has unlimited bandwidth and have a really fast internet (mine is 25mbps and I only consider it average). What about the guys who doesn't have internet at all? Their graphics gonna be crappy? LOL.

  7. We all see how cloud gaming can become a epic fail if not planned and done right, cough cough Rockstar with GTA Online. Millions of gamers are losing there characters, cars, and houses.

  8. Persona, Soul Sacrifice, Suikoden, Monster Hunter.. just to name a few.

    Sorry, couldn't help myself.

  9. "I knew how big it was based on power consumption"
    Yet interestingly, despite the similar internals the Xbox One is actually bigger, and even has an external power supply to boot.

  10. well the ps3 stumbled at first, but then got back up later with exclusive titles such as the last of us, gow 3 and ascension, infamous 1 and 2, and a price cut. sony has a better philosophy this time around and ps4 has a lot of good games, not just indies. name one japanese games that was good other than final fanstasy or kingdom hearts

  11. listen here you prick, the american and uk markets are the most important ones. sony is not focusing on the japanese market because it's too easy for them. In japan, xbox is pretty much dead and wii u is selling poorly. be greatful were not in japan, at least we don't get hit by a tsunami, an earthquake and a nuclear disaster on the same day. would you rather play real games, or a shitty excuse for a game that has giant enemy crabs. look back at sony's embarrassing e3 2006 conference -_-

  12. i'm not even a conosisseur. I don't play indie games except for minecraft, and yes cell was hard to develop for 3rd party devs. i don't like knack or any of ps4's first party games except for infamous second son. I'm getting games like bf4,watch dogs, ac black flag,destiny, and more. btw what's with your obsession with Japan. are you japanese? if not then stfu

  13. dude just STFU, ps4 is a masterpiece. the cell engine was hell for devs and ps3 got inferior ports. that's why sony abandoned cell. Plus not all indie games are bad, look at minecraft, warframe, blacklight retrobution, they have AAA quality. I don't even play indie games. Sony did right with the ps4 and getting rid of ken kuteragi. That bitch was arrogant as hell. He's the reason why ps3 was so hard to develop for. stop living in the past and accept the future.

  14. Cerny looks a bit creepy but is an intelligent person nonetheless. I expect a lot of great things from ps4.

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