Home Videos PlayStation 4 Pro Review: The First 4K Games Console?

PlayStation 4 Pro Review: The First 4K Games Console?


PlayStation 4 Pro Review: The First 4K Games Console?


  1. Playing yakuza 0 right now it looks like full 2160 with no AA but good AF settings in places !!!
    Can't guarantee it's a full 4k but there is deff a higher than 1080p res going on, with a lesser res depth of field going on

  2. Okay so we have 4k on PS4 now BUT Is it true that if a PS4 game does not have the Dolby Digital or DTS logo it's not encoded in those formats? AND It doesn't have Surround Sound?

  3. hdr is offloading mp3 functionality to the tv. I put my vizio 4k in game mode and got only 1 glitch in trackmania. The thing was the glitch was a full second, great, I hat time to estimate the gold medal at 17 . 8g rgb. So amoled wouldn't make any difference. trackmania is far to difficult anyway. The glitch could drive you insane unless your a holy man drinking boiling water.

  4. LMAO I love how consoles gammers think that 1600×900 is 4K LMAO
    Its brainless waffle like this that gets consolers so much hate. lol

  5. The first 4k* console. And 4k 30fps at Medium to high setting an RX 480 can do that, and yes if you buy most of your stuff second hand your still looking at $450 – $500 but considering your not going to be paying Xbox Live or PSN subs after 2 years of owning the consoles while playing online games would make it more expensive $400 for the console and $110 on PSN subs brings your to $510 vs $450 – $500 and you get a PC out of it that ROLF stomps the PS4 Pro which can video edit do work on etc.

    If we are talking about the actual value long term a PC will always beat a console because you can do so much more with a PC.

    And with vanilla Skyrim an RX 480 could almost certainly do 4k 60fps if not pretty darn close.

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