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Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man Angry Review


Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man Angry Review


  1. For the record…. At World's End is one of the best Pirates movies. The Calypso Maelstrom is one of the the best pirate scenes ever filmed. Epic as hell. Just saying lol

  2. This one doesn´t line up with the others as they say, in the second one Dalma says she gave Jack his compass, in this one he got it froma dying captain??? In the after credits of the third you see William witha clean face after 10 years, because he was fulfilling his duty of carrying people who die at sea to the afterlife so he wasn´t cursed, but in this one he´s still doing his duty, that´s why he shows up when his son is about to drown, called by his duty to guide souls who die at sea but somehow his face is barnacled?? many things just shit on the lore. Also Williams curse comes from Calipso, she was the one who appointed Davy Jones and gave the flying dutchman the duty of charon, but now it´s posseidon´s bullshit that can free him???

  3. I'm surprised you didn't bring up the biggest plot hole in the movie…which is…WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T BARBOSA USE BLACK BEARDS MAGIC SWORD!? Did the magic run out or what?
    This is what the movie was missing, just an all out sea magic bullshit fest! Flying Dutchman vs. Ghost ship vs. ship controlling sword! Red con whatever you want then, but just don't leave a glaring plot hole out in the open like that!
    Fuck, I've read fanfictions with stronger plot devices then this mess…

  4. Honestly if they are trying to make another Pirates film, they need to have the Korean script writers and director for the Korean naval action flick The Admiral: Raging Tides. That was the most action packed old school sailing ship naval action movie I've seen a looooooooong ass time.

  5. I personally love the first 3 almost equally much. I hate the 4th one and think the 5th one is better but still much worse than the first three.

  6. I actually thought At Worlds End is the best out of all the films – On Stranger Tides is average – but Dead Men Tell No Tales, I think, is the only actually bad one.

  7. Well Guess im one of those rare guys that likes the third movie nearly just as much as the first. Fourth was ok nothing special.

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