One red light on xbox 360?

One red light on xbox 360?


Our 360 was working just fine and was off for about 4 hours, then we turned it on and it had one red light (bottom right one) so I turned it off and turned it back on and it was still there. I turned it off for 10-20 mins tried again it was gone. Went to bed last night and turned it on this morning and it was back again. What does it mean and is there a way to fix it with out having to send it in? I think the error was E 74.

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  1. Basically what is happening is your xbox 360 has a problem with the internal hardware and the e74 is the most common one that happens besides the secondary code 0022 which is overheating. The e74 code with the 1 red light means that there is a problem with the gpu,hana,or southbridge chips and the solder with them has a hairline crack which is making it lose contact with the motherboard. Basically you would have to find someone local or someone close enough to send it to to have them fix it which usually costs around $40. What you can do at home though is open it up and take everything out and clean off the gpu and cpu and put some arctic silver 5 on it which is what they use for overclocking pc’s and works great. Then you can either use the original x-clamps on it or use you own screws and washers on it but those usually are short term fixes. The best long term fixes permanetly is to have someone do a complete reflow on the gpu and cpu which is a little more expensive but works better. If had lived close enough to me I would be willing to fix it for you since I have a reflow machine to do it right. Hope this helps. personal site that has guides written for repairs if you want to look your more then welcome to get a guide off of it in more detail.

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