Not a Hero – Review

Not a Hero – Review


Not a Hero - Review

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  1. I highly recommend this game. I know the 8-bit retro thing is being overdone but this is really fun. And it's free on PS Plus this month. Don't be put off by the lack of AAA graphics. The sound and gameplay more than make up for this. Because of the simple graphics, all the gore and violence is hilarious.

  2. Graphics are nicely done for what it is but should of been zoomed in some like the cutscenes are, fun game though

  3. I was brought up on the commodore Vic 20 and c64 so I have great appreciation for these retro styled games.

  4. i just think this pixel look is getting far to overdone. I know graphics should not matter but i want the graphics as well as the gameplay. It just feels weird that when you get a brand new hardware like a ps4 or a xbox one you get these type of games and while i think they have there place i would have thought if you are a smaller developer or publisher sure would be best to go to the previous gen where the user base is so much greater……i think i just have pixel fatigue

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