NBA 2K13 Review For Xbox 360

NBA 2K13 Review For Xbox 360


DJ Skee gives us his review of the NBA 2K13 video game. This year 2K Sports and Executive Producer Jay-Z bring some big changes to the NBA 2K franchise, including the new dribble stick controls, signature skills, Kinect support, and a variety of new teams and players.

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NBA 2K13 Review For Xbox 360


  1. the commentary is hands down the best ever, and the fact there is updates basically everyday for this game to keep it current makes it even better for me and great if your a real basketball fan and want your team to always be up to date. got my copy from gamefly so I didn't actually buy it.

  2. For starters if you knew anything about the differences between the consoles you would know the ps3 is capable of more graphically than the x-box. And i say this as an x-box fan. The reason those game are look so great is because they were created to push the ps3.

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