Modern Combat: Domination Multiplayer Gameplay

Modern Combat: Domination Multiplayer Gameplay


Modern Combat: Domination Multiplayer Gameplay

Modern Combat: Domination Gameplay HD PS3


  1. I paid 5$ us …..but I don't think it's online anymore won't let me play PSN IS SHIT

  2. These game is nothing about skill ^^
    Its more about who is getting less bullshitted on

  3. does people still playing this in 2015? , because Im thinking on buying it , its cheap

  4. the description says "this video is not to show skill" , gets a double kill in the first 30 seconds of the video

  5. I like this game man !!!! Very different from the more expensive FPS I been playing lately . well worth the $7.99

  6. same thing is happening to me too. I think you have to download the demo with the full game.

  7. When I bought and downloaded modern combat domination it says that the install is complete but when I go into games and check if it's there it wasn't even there please help..

  8. Ok the phone ones were good but this is pointless, modern combat was ok on the phones since it had no competition, now its on a home console, amd its….laughable

  9. is there any other guns than just the pistol and mp5 ? please respond im downloading this right now from the Psn

  10. The grenade throwing animation is a rip-off from Bad Company 1 and 2.

    Still looks like a fun game though.

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