Home Videos Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 – TU53: GET READY

Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 – TU53: GET READY


Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 - TU53: GET READY


  1. Lol. Console is so crap… I swear if you have a console you can't complain that you get "missing" features and slow updates.

  2. btw are you gonna be recording with Lionmaker any time soon..? He is kinda sad that his old crew isn't recording with him… you know,
    so… can you make a vid on that or something, like what happened..?

  3. Im gonna assume that this is gonna be on wii u too. Since he seems to never put Wii u in the description.

  4. I just got a possible release date for tu 53.Kids usually get out of school in June 18th and 4J release an update on either Monday,Tuesday,or maybe in a Wednesday.Meaning when kids get out of school,they would release it around June 19th or June 20th as soon as possible.This is just a possible release date that might happen when summer starts for everyone.

  5. PSA: You DON'T need a Firework Star for a rocket, just paper and gunpowder. The star will only give it some cool effects.

  6. You should do this for all survival updates from now on…unless you already do and I don't know cause I'm new

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