Logitech wireless remote for original xbox quick review

Logitech wireless remote for original xbox quick review


A quick video review on the Logitech wireless remote for original xbox

Logitech wireless remote for original xbox quick review

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  1. the logitech wireless for ps2 looks to be part of the same line and i absolutely love it. i haven't come across one of these for my Xbox yet though. hopefully i come across one soon though, I'd love to be able to sport it while playing some stubbs the zombie and destroy all humans on it!

  2. Where can you get an adaptor? I just got the controller. Send me a link someone please

  3. The green light on my receiver keeps blinking and the red light on my controller will blink for about 20 seconds then shut off. I have already tried putting brand new batteries in it to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help

  4. i would make a video on how to take it apart to clean but unfortunately i let my emotions get the best of me and smashed the controller playing a game about a year ago. but my advice to you is just to open it up and take it apart it's not going to fall apart into pieces and as long as you take your time you should be able to put it back together the first step in figuring out how to do something is actually doing it a lot of people are scared to try and fix something and that's why they never fixed it so just unscrew all the screws in the back and slowly open it up and you will see it is not that difficult

  5. Hey any tips on cleaning it? Im scared to take it apart in fear of breaking it. My D-pad very slowly moves downward, is there anythign I can do for that?

  6. tried to look online for a manual pick this up from a play n trade store and forgot to ask how you connect the control to the toggle any help would be appreciated

  7. I just picked mine up last week with elder scrolls and vice city for 9 bucks. I'm very happy with it! I had a mad catz wireless as well but it's definitely not as well made as this one. After my experience with the mad catz one I almost didn't buy the Logitech one but luckily I changed my mind.

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