Knack PS4 Review – Learning To Love PlayStation

Knack PS4 Review – Learning To Love PlayStation


Knack PS4 Review - Learning To Love PlayStation


  1. Knack 2 here we come.

    When I first got my PS4 I made sure to get this game with it as it was a launch title and I needed something colorful to tide me over until Ratchet and Clank came out (which got delayed a year with the movie which annoyed me because Ratchet and Clank was the reason I got a PS4.)

    Anyway I found this game charming in its own way, however it was way too difficult. Mark Cerny did this on purpose because he wanted gamers to relive the same difficulty from games such as Crash Bandicoot. Except this time it seems artificial. Personally I didn't care for the difficulty then and I do not care for it now. I certainly thought the graphics were nice and the environments appealing. I did have fun with the different materials Knack could pick up, from glass to metal to even burning wood. And yes the app did help with gaining pieces, though it seems impossible to get every device on the first run.

    Overall I had fun playing Knack and I'm looking forward to how they will improve in the sequel. But if you ask me, the best launch title on the PS4 was definitely inFamous: Second Son. In fact entire inFamous series I would highly recommend as it is made by the same people who made Sly Cooper and I have a feeling that you will enjoy those games.

  2. My favorite parts of the review: The phrase "Legend of Dragoon" and the end where Knack is literally being Boom Knuckles and climbing obviously red climbable wall. LoD is the best "meh" game out there. Hopefully you can get to that soon if it's not on your radar yet, it's a treat.

    Good review, otherwise. I can't say I care for the content but that's entirely Knack's fault, not yours. I still can't believe people used this as a positive example in fanboy wars. (Then again, I did once think Lost World would be a great game that could sell some Wii Us, and it was one of the worst games I've ever played…)

  3. Well, i can't say that, i was waiting something super positive about the game, but it sounds more lackluster then, i through it would be in this review.

  4. Don't worry, Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth and Yakuza 5 are still coming; like I said in my update video a while back, those games are long, so I wanted to do some reviews in between them so there's not long stretches without videos. That…kind of worked!

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